Breakthrough: watch out for the new men birth control

Women have dealt with the task of taking birth control and suffering different side effects for years. Now, it is time for you guys to take on the burden of birth control.

Initial study results from NICHD show promise for a new birth control gel for men. Is this not something? Trials are still ongoing for this new birth control gel.

As of now, there are no commercial male hormonal birth control in the market. All men have to choose from are condoms or vasectomy.

  • The gel formulation includes a progestin-containing compound called segesterone acetate, and is made under the brand name Nestorone, along with a dose of testosterone. 
  • According to the NICHD, the progestin blocks natural testosterone production in the testes, reducing sperm production to low or nonexistent levels.
  • Guys, you will apply the gel to your back and shoulders and absorb it through your skin. Also, you could forget to use the gel for a day with no consequences. But if you stop using it for 3, 4 or 5 days, then it won’t work the way it’s supposed to.
  • In the trial, they would like the men to use the gel until their sperm counts falls low enough, and then their wives or partners will stop using their own birth control. 
  • One perk is that the gel will give you guys back some testosterone along with the Nestorone, and this will stop undesirable side-effects such as low libido and muscle loss.

There are lots of feedback concerning having men on birth control. it is not surprising that a lot of us women welcome the idea because, Hey! it is about time the responsibility can be put on both men and women to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies.

Some of you guys are saying you won’t use the gel because it will make you all feel less of a man. Either way, methinks it a huge step in the right direction and cannot wait for it to be available for purchase

What do you guys reading this think? Are you all excited? Drop your comments. 

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