This is what happens when you take the bold step to stop smoking now

With all of the good reasons to stop tobacco use, why is it so hard for so many people to stop using it. Smokers want to quit, and many people stop smoking and never go back.

But for the majority of people its not that easy to stop. Many of you struggle to stop smoking before you finally stop for good. 

 Why it feels so good to smoke

Tobacco contains Nicotine; which is a very powerful addictive drug, and when you smoke, the nicotine goes to your brain and become best friends with the receptor that release the feel-good chemicals. Because the feeling is so good, you desire it, and It won’t take long before you become addicted to smoking. 

When you decide to stops smoking you often experience difficult withdrawal symptoms and powerful urges to smoke. This makes stopping very hard for a lot of you that smokes.

Good news is that there is hope and help for you if decide to stop smoking. And let’s not forget all the benefits associated with stopping. 

Why you should stop

  • You will lower your risk for lung cancer and many other types of cancer
  • Your risk for heart disease, stroke and is reduced
  • Within 1 to 2 years of stopping, you risk for heart disease is reduced.
  • You will have reduced respiratory symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. While these symptoms may not disappear, they do not continue to progress at the same rate when you quit compared to if you continue to smoke.
  •  Your risk for developing some lung disease such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is reduced. COPD is one of the leading causes of death in people that smoke
  • As a woman of child bearing age, when you stop smoking, you reduce your risk for infertility.
  • If you stop smoking while you are pregnant, you reduce your risk of having a baby with low birth weight. 

What are you waiting on, take that bold step to stop smoking today.

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