You’ll will love this blow your mind benefits of our African Palm oil

As a proper Igbo girl from south eastern Nigeria, palm oil is part of my culture. I saw my grandmother and other rural women cook with this wonderful oil. They would often extract oil from the fruit, then use what’s left from the fruit after extraction to make soaps to use on their skin and hair.

Thankfully, research has confirmed what our ancestors intuitively know about the high benefits of red palm oil for our system and body; what made them live so long in great health with this great oil as a huge part of their lives.

You might not have paid much attention but red palm oil is used in over 30% of products found in the grocery store; including:  cereals, pizza, bread, chocolate, chewing gum, shampoo and cleaning products. 

Make sure to consume the real unrefined palm oil from Africa or Asia.

Evidence shows that adding palm oil to the diet of pregnant women and children might reduce the risk of developing vitamin A deficiency.

What is Red Palm Oil

  • the staple oil in the Africa and Asia continents
  • Rich in beta-carotene and lycopene (antioxidants)
  • Contains tocopherols and tocotrienols (naturally occurring Vitamin-E)
  • Rich in saturated fats so limit consumption 6%of your daily calorie intake 
  • Processing and refining it will make it lose its dark color and all nutritional benefits
  • Has more anti-oxidant benefits than all other oils combined, including olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil

Red palm oil is to Africans as olive oil is to Italians, it is simply part the African culture that came with a lot of health benefits. 


  • Will help prevent inflammation in your arterial lining; thereby help you reduce cholesterol and lower your blood pressure.
  • Studies by the national institute of health found that it helps reduce stroke by 50% due its protective effect on brain cells
  • It will help prevent stomach ulcers.
  • It is high in vitamin A and E; which is good for your heart
  • It will moisturize and soften your skin, condition your hair, and will make your hair grow.
  • It helps fight cancer.

I am happy our indigenous food is getting the recognition it deserves.

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