Finally! a cure for cancer in the coming year. Isreali scientists optimistic

The Claim

According to a recent report by Israeli scientist, they have found a cure for cancer. They claim to have found a complete cure for the deadly disease; not just for some form of it.

The new treatment was announced by the Jerusalem Post, and is being developed by Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies (AEBi).

The chairman of the Israeli pharmaceutical company; Dr. Ilan Morad, stated that the treatment would not need time for the body to get used to it before it works.

They have high hopes that they would be able to completely cure cancer in a year’s time, and that the treatment would be effective with minimal or no side effects. They also claim that the cost of treatment will be lower than what is currently available in the market. 

Their technology work based on the principle that healthy cells have a set of receptors on their surface that can act like a molecular finger prints, and the cancer cells have different set of receptors on their surface that help differentiate them from the healthy cells in the body.

The drug would target the receptor on the cancer cells, and deliver molecular toxins that would spare the healthy cells and kill only the tumor cells in the patient. 

Not So Hopeful

Some cancer experts and others in the United States and abroad were less than enthusiastic about the claim by the Israeli scientists. In fact, some were outright incensed by the claims.

The skepticism is because they have not tested the drug in human clinical trials, nor have they published their research in a peer review journal. 

Despite the de cry, many non-experts refused to give up hope. And the company itself stood up to its claims, telling The Times of Israel today that it simply could not afford to publish papers on its research. 

We Wait

 I am appalled at the many negative comments on something potentially so amazing. Let’s try to be optimistic; it does not hurt. What do you all think?

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