When you should never wear a g-string

Some of you wear g-strings because you find them sexy and exciting, while some wear them to prevent panty lines. I bet none of you wear those sexy unmentionables to get an infection.

So far, no studies connect the wearing of g-strings to bacterial or yeast infection. However, many gynecologists report that many patients they see with bacterial and yeast infections are g-strings wearers.

They believe that because most g-strings are made from non-cotton fabrics, wearing  them everyday could increase the risks of infections. 


  • Your g-string is close fitted to your body, so, you can easily pick up poo and bacteria from your anus to your vagina and urinary tract if the thong keeps moving around.
  • Your g-string is so little bitty and can cause irritation to your vagina by not providing enough protection.
  • Your g-string can cause you to have cracks or rashes; especially if they are too small leaving you open to infection.

You definitely should not wear g-string if

  • You’re sick or constantly having bacteria or yeast infection
  • You’re wearing a short skirt
  • You’re pregnant
  • You’re wearing tight clothing such as spandex leggings
  • You’re not using condom or have lots of sexual partners
  • You’re going swimsuit shopping
  • You’re wearing a sanitary pad

If you have noticed no change in your feminine health from wearing a g-string, count yourself amongst the lucky ones. And If you keep having painful bacterial or yeast infections, please see a gynecologist ASAP.

Sexy is good, but careful is better.  Please, enjoy your panty line- free life without that bacteria lurking around down there.

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