Read: why eating too many apple seeds can kill you.

Apples are one of the most popular fruits in the world. You know what they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” But what if you accidentally ingest the seeds? Could your apple end up sending you to the doctor?

I bet you, like almost all of us have been eating apples whole; seeds and all for decades with no ill effects. While many people did not even know there were supposed “ill effects” to speak of and consider apples a healthy snack, many believe apple seeds are poisonous. 

What’s the truth?

Apple seeds are full of certain natural chemicals that are toxic to people and animals. They contain amygdalin, which is a substance that releases cyanide as soon as it mixes with digestive enzymes when the seeds are chewed or crushed. 

Cyanide is highly poisonous and can be deadly in high doses.

Bottom line

  • Apple peels and flesh are very healthy and pose no risks to your health. However, chewed or crushed apple seeds release small amounts of cyanide, which is highly toxic.
  • Eating a few apple seeds is safe. However, large quantities of ground or crushed seeds (over 100 grams) are potentially fatal.
  • You would probably need to thoroughly chew and swallow over 150 seeds before you experience any bad effects.
  • So, if you accidentally eat a few apple seeds, there is no need to worry

Apples are also fairly acidic, and could be damaging to the teeth 4x more than carbonated drinks, according to a a recent study lead by a professor at the famous King’s Dental Institute.

It is more damaging when it is snacked on frequently throughout the day. Best and safer to eat it at meal times.

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  1. Hmmm, I worry sometimes cos the kids tend the chew on apple seeds. Would take precautions from now on, thanks for sharing exciting and informative topics on this blog👍🏼

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