Stop That Stroke Before It Strikes

Stroke is a brain attack, and is the leading cause of serous, long-term disability. You can stop that stroke; yes, up to 80% of strokes can be prevented.

Yet, every year, stroke kills more people. This is because research shows too few people know what a stroke is and how to recognize when a stroke is happening.

A family history of stroke increases your chances for stroke. Nonetheless, anyone; young or old can have a stroke and everyone should be prepared.  A large percentage of strokes that happen are treatable if you get the right care, right away. BUT it’s a matter of knowing what to do, acting F.A.S.T, and spreading the word.

You should not ignore the signs of stroke because you question if your symptoms are real. Please, if you have unusual symptoms, don’t wait. Listen to your body and trust your instincts. If something is not right, get professional help ASAP.

Know the signs: Stop that Stroke

  • F: Does one side of your FACE droop when you smile?
  • A: When you lift both arms, do you have weakness in one ARM, and does it drift back down?
  • S: Do you have difficulty speaking. Is your SPEECH slurred, or sound odd?
  • T: If you see any of these signs in yourself or someone else, its TIME to call 911 ASAP

Getting medical treatment within 3 hours of the first symptoms of stroke can make the difference between recovery, lifelong disability, or even death.

  • Time lost is brain lost
  • An ambulance can start diagnoses and alert the hospital
  • Never drive yourself
  • There are different treatments available to treat stroke, and improve your chance of recovery when started on time

By learning and sharing the F.A.S.T. warning signs, you just might save a life from stroke. I would advise that you cut out the image and post it where you can see it for easy reference.

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