Do Not Shake a Baby: Know Why?

Do not shake a baby. It may seem harmless, but it is very dangerous. Shaken Infant Syndrome is the most common cause for inflicted brain injury in the first two years of a child’s life, yet it’s completely preventable.

Babies cry; some cry a lot; so much that you may feel like you can’t take it anymore. Before you lose it, STOP! Take a break, walk away, it’s okay. However, whatever you do, never ever shake a baby. 

Why you should not shake a baby

  • Your baby is born with heavy heads and very weak neck muscles, muscles,and Their neck muscles get stronger over their first four to five years. 
  • When you shake your baby, you toss it’s head back and forth. Making their soft brain bounce inside the skull, and If shaken hard enough, their brain could bruise or bleed. This usually happens with small babies, but even 3 and 4-year-old can be hurt this way. 

What to do if your baby will not stop crying

Your baby cannot die from crying, but can die from being shaken. Your Baby can only tell you what they need or feel by crying.

Babies may cry for 2 hours a day, or may cry even more. Here are some things to check and ways to calm your crying baby: 

  • Is your baby hungry? You should feed your baby slowly, burping often. If you are breast feeding, your baby may be upset by the onions, broccoli, or beans, you eat or coffee, tea, cola, or alcohol you drink.
  •  Do you need to change your baby’s diaper? Check.
  • Is your baby too cold or too hot?
  • Turn down the lights and lower the noise if your baby is tired. Wrap your baby in a blanket, hold him/her, or put him/her in the crib.
  • Does your baby need to suck? Give your baby a pacifier, or help him/her find their finger to suck.
  • If you think your baby have a fever, seem to be sick or in pain. Call your healthcare provider.
  • Your baby might need attention. So, hold, carry, rock or pat gently. Hold your baby in a different way. Talk softly or sing to your baby. Turn on soft music. Take your baby for a walk. Put your baby in a car seat, and go for a ride. 
Sometimes babies just need to cry. If you’ve tried everything, and your baby still cries, don’t get upset. 
  • Make sure your baby is safe and comfortable, and leave the room. 
  • Check on your baby every few minutes. It is better to let your baby cry, than it is to yell, hit, or shake. 

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