Pregnant? The reason why you should not drink

As a child and young teen, Maria faced numerous difficulties. These included learning problems, struggles with social relationships such as interacting with classmates, difficulty with team sports since rules were too abstract, and trouble handling everyday things in life.

She still remembers that being with her fellow students was “no fun.”Maria had many evaluations and was diagnosed with multiple disabilities. Typical milestones that other children reached and took for granted seemed out of reach for Maria. 

This post is about a disorder known as Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).  This is a severe disorder that  can cause physical and mental damage your baby while in your womb as a result of  you drinking alcohol while pregnant.

When your baby is developing in your womb, it needs all the nutrients it can get for proper growth. However, if you drink alcohol, it easily crosses to your baby through the placenta, and can cause you to give birth to a baby with defects and disability.

Your baby could never make a choice as to whether he or she would consume alcohol or not in your womb. This decision was taken solely by you on his or her behalf.

There is NO known safe amount of alcohol (beer, wine, hard liquor) for you to drink while you are pregnant because even the so-called small amount can harm your baby and increase your risk for miscarriage.  Also, there is also no safe time to drink while you are pregnant.  

Best is not to drink

  • If you are trying to get pregnant. This is because nearly half of pregnancies are not planned, and get pregnant and not know for up to 4 to 6 weeks.
  • If you think you might be pregnant.
  • When you drink while you are pregnant, so does your baby.
  • You can completely prevent FAS if you do not drink alcohol during pregnancy. So, why take the risk?

How it effects your baby

  • It could make your baby too small for his or her age, have small eyes, head, very thin upper lip, smooth surface between his or her nose and upper lips (no dip between their nose and upper lip. Your baby development may be delayed.
  • your baby may have some deformity in his or her limbs; one finger may be shorter than the other.
  • FAS could make your fussy or jittery, and have trouble sleeping. Your older children and teens may poor fine motor skills.
  • FAS can make your kid have poor communication skills, learning difficulties, and difficulty in school (especially math), poor memory, and poor problem-solving skills
  • Your developing baby may have heart, bone, and kidney problems. He or she may have problems with their hearing and vision.
  • Your child may suffer from seizure (epilepsy), and poor balance and coordination.
  • Your child may be hyperactive and jittery, struggle with impulse control, and that could make them lash out at family and friends
  • children will often have a hard time in school, poor social skill, and trouble getting along with others.

Bear in mind that everyone is going to have a different experience, and might have a mix of these problems.

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  1. As an Early childhood Educator these cases are seen more and more at least 1or 2 in a classroom of about 18-20 children. Quite disturbing. Thanks for sharing topics like this.

    1. The importance of not drinking while pregnant can never be over emphasized. The outcome is not desirable at all. Thanks for the feedback

  2. I really thank you for this website. I am learning a lot. Please, don’t stop educating us. God bless you

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