My Umbilical Hernia Surgery and Story

So, I had my umbilical hernia repaired on Friday. I didn’t even know I had a hernia, much less a serious one because it didn’t hurt all. All I felt was like a little weird under the skin in my navel area. Well, my routine wellness exam revealed that it really bulgy internally and that I had a piece of fatty tissue trapped inside the hernia. So, an emergency surgery was scheduled to avoid disruption of blood flow to my tissues.

My repair was a three-hour surgery, it was open surgery, which meant I had a four-inch incision in my abdomen. I went home the same day, but I couldn’t move for hours and I had to have help getting out of bed. I was in so much pain.

An umbilical hernia is an abnormal hole in the strong layers of the abdominal wall right around the umbilicus. In adults, umbilical hernias are more common in women who have been pregnant several times, in people who are overweight, and in people who have had surgery in the belly (I had an appendectomy at age 16).

I am almost without pain now, and on my way to being in tip top shape. The importance of routine wellness checks can never be over emphasized.

God continue to bless us with good health🙏🙏

131 thoughts on “My Umbilical Hernia Surgery and Story

  1. May God grant you speedy recovery. I had mine few years back, the operation lasted 3 hours too. It will be painful now but soon the pains will subside. Do try and have a good rest please. Stay blessed.

  2. Wellness checks is truly very important and can save a life.
    I just learnt something new.

    Thank God for your life beautiful and quick recovery.

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