Eye Cream: How to pick the right one for you

One product I am always on the hunt for is under eye cream. Don’t know whom I should blame (mum or dad) for my under-eye puffiness and dark circles. 

Most days, I swear, my eyes feel more wicked witch than Dorothy. If you suffer the same fate as yours truly, fret not. According to a top dermatologist, you should really look at the ingredients and choose wisely. 

So, here I break the need to knows down based on different skin concerns.


Use of sunscreen is a must if you are worried about this. You can use the same SPF you use on your face or get one special for your eye area.


Look for eye cream with antioxidants such as vitamin C, Ferulic acid and vitamin A to protect against cell damage and keep your eyes twinkling.


Soothe the thin and dry skin around your eyes with a moisturizer such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides

Fine lines and wrinkles:

Retinol is the go to and darling to use for this. It contains vitamin A which stimulates collagen to fight the aging process

Sagging skin:

You should get eye cream with peptides. It increases collagen and elastin and will firm up your sagging skin

Dark circles:

Use tryniacinamide and kojic acid. They will brighten your skin by reducing activity in pigmented producing cells.


Always look for the eye cream that has the right ingredients that targets your concern and fits into your budget. Expensive does not always mean more effective. 

How should you apply it?

According to the experts, you should go easy on your eyes.

  • All you need is a pea-sized amount in the morning and evening after washing your face
  • A delicate touch is the most important aspect of eye cream application. do not rub until redness appears. 
  • You should treat the skin around your eye area with gentle, upward strokes using your pinky; which naturally has a lighter touch. 

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