Know the Healthy Habits to Prevent Heart Disease

The heart keeps us alive; so, having heart disease can be a very important factor in how long we live.  Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world today. It is most commonly caused by a buildup of plaque in the coronary artery. 

If you have a heart disease, over time it can lead to narrowing of your arteries causing 

  • A part of your heart muscle to die because it is deprived of blood flow and oxygen and risk of heart attack. 
  • Your heart to work really hard that it outstrips the oxygen supply 

So, what can you do to prevent heart disease? The answer is in building healthy habits and cutting out the unhealthy ones.

Prevent heart disease: 

  • If you are smoking, stop
  • If you are a couch potato, get up and start taking a 20-30 minutes walks every day. “physical activity is medicine” according to experts.  If you work at a desk all day, consider a standing desk. 
  • Know your cholesterol and blood pressure numbers. 
  • Nuts, legumes, beanBeans and nuts can help improve your blood cholesterol numbers and can make you feel full longer so you’re less likely to snack.
  • Take up yoga, learn to meditate, pray or practice deep breathing exercises. Just taking a walk outside and enjoying the fresh air can do wonders for stress reduction.
  • Watch your calorie intake – If you’re following the advice above, watching calories won’t be as hard as it seems. When you first start tracking your calories, it will take some work. But after you get into the habit, you will know what you should do and not do to keep your calories in check.
  • Get enough sleep. Poor sleep habits can hurt your health.
  • Take care of your teeth – Poor dental hygiene has been linked to heart disease. So, make sure you brush at least twice per day and floss once a day.
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits It doesn’t matter if they’re fresh, frozen, canned, or dried as long as they don’t have added salt. 
  • Limit your intake of saturated fat, trans fat, salt (sodium), processed sugar, sugar substitutes and red meat.
  • Maintain a normal weight.

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