Need to Know Suprisingly STI Facts

Hello People! If you have sex or are planning to have sex, you should watch this

You probably more about STIs than your parents and grandparents did back when they were called venereal diseases

Still, you might be surprised about these STI facts

STI Facts:

  • Did you k ow that more than 25 different diseases can be transmitted sexually. That’s why top gynecologists recommend that if you are sexually active, you should go for annual STI testing.
  • STIs among older adults are on the rise. Once you are past childbearing years, as an older adults entering into new sexual relationships, you should realize you should always use condoms to avoid STIs rather than unplanned pregnancies.
  • Some STIs; including chlamydia and gonorrhea, which have no symptoms and can affect fertility because if left untreated, STI can lead to you having pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), an infection that can scar the fallopian tubes..
  • Guys, STIs can compromise your fertility too, though more rarely.
  • Condoms will not provide 100% protection from the most common STI: genital herpes.
  • Engaging in any sexual activity not just intercourse can cause you to spread STIs, including

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