Need to Know Sneaky Signs of an Unhealthy Diet

If you are serious about maintaining a healthy body and mind, you would be wise to pay attention to the health of your stomach. 

If your diet needs an overhaul, it’s not just your waistline that will let you know. Sure, gaining weight can indicate the need for you to rethink what you are putting into your body. But evidence also shows that having poor dietary habits could lead to many other health problems. 

Your gut has good bacteria that is responsible for giving a boost to your immune system,convert food into energy, eliminate waste and toxins. But, you will have a gut imbalance when bad bacteria storms into your system.

Suddenly, your hormones are off balance, which can leave you vulnerable to a wide range of autoimmune diseases and more.

Below are the warning signs that can alert you of a battle brewing. These signs don’t typically surface overnight, so watch for them over time. 

Sneaky signs of an unhealthy diet:

  • Your hair is lifeless 
    • Aim for lean source of protein (eggs and grilled salmon), plenty of fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts for healthy hair. 
  • Your skin is aging prematurely
    • Aging is inevitable. But, to get a more youthful appearance, consume five or more servings a day of fruits and vegetables.
  • You have damaging oral health
    • Think about how many sugary drinks and food you are consuming. In addition, swollen or bleeding gums are due to you not getting enough vitamin C in your diet. Boost vitamin C with food such as strawberries, tomatoes, leafy green vegetables and potatoes. 
  • Your brain feels drained
    • For your brain health, consume plenty of omega-3 in your diet with food such as; walnuts, flax seed, fish oil and wild salmon. 
  • You have digestive discomfort
    • If you are tired of digestive discomfort, try bumping up your fiber intake by eating more whole grains such as brown rice and oats, in addition to nuts, seeds, and fresh or frozen produce.
  • You don’t heal properly
    • Studies have shown that sufficient intake of calories, protein and nutrients is essential for proper wound healing. Focus on maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Your immune system will thank you
  • You get sick easily
    • If you are constantly under the weather, you could benefit from eating more nutrient-rich foods. Choose foods high in vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, selenium, iron and folic acid. Start by increasing your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain. specifically, citrus fruits, leafy greens, popcorn (skip the extra butter and salt) and brown rice.

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