Why You Should Stop Kissing Babies Ears

Your first instinct when you see a newborn, the most precious thing in the world is to hold him or her. And why not, babies are so adorably sweet, cuddly, and soft.

If you are compelled to kiss and cuddle them, by all means, do so but please, not on the ears!

Those little ears may be tender and soft, but did you know that a kiss on the ear opening is a big NO. Your innocent kiss right on the ear opening creates strong suction that tugs on their delicate eardrum, resulting in a recently recognized condition known as “cochlear ear-kiss injury.” Such a kiss can lead to permanent hearing loss

Thing is your baby will cry after such a painful kiss but because children cry for a lot of reasons, the hearing loss usually isn’t identified until years later, during a school screening.

Adults are not left out because Dr. Levi Reiter, professor of audiology at Hofstra University in New York, started studying this injury, after a patient told him she went deaf in one ear immediately following a kiss from her daughter.

Bottom line

  • Never kiss anyone, child or adult, directly on the ear!

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