This is why you want to keep writing by hand

A research from a top university, shows that in order to remember something, notes should be hand written and not typed.  Writing is thought to boost the memory because note taking by hand requires different cognitive processes than typing.

For example, if in a lecture you are writing notes, you have to listen carefully to what the speaker has said as it is impossible to write down every word. Therefore, through this process, you are listening, digesting and summarising the information more effectively than someone who is just typing words into a laptop. 

For this reason, some universities are encouraging students to ditch their laptops in lectures and take notes by hand. Of course, that’s not to say technology in the classroom isn’t the way of the future. The computer allows speed and handwriting allows deep processing. It’s a matter of figuring out how we pool the two. In summary, writing by hand:

  • has a calming effect.
  • boosts cognitive skills.
  • coordinates the left brain and right brain.
  • sharpens aging minds.
  • Inspires creativity
  • Uses more of the brain
  • Improves memory

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