Baby Formula Must be Disposed after Feeding

Whether you choose to make a bottle just before each feeding, choose to pre-make and refrigerate enough to use for the day,

know this:

  • Prepared formula should be consumed or stored in the refrigerator within 1 hour
  • If prepared formula has been at room temperature for more than 1 hour, throw it away;  don’t save it for your baby to drink later.
  • Open cans of formula should also be kept in the refrigerator. They should be covered and used within 24 hours.

Always throw away any formula left in a bottle after feeding your baby, do not refrigerate the left over formula to feed it to your baby later; because:

  • baby’s formula is perishable and will develop bacteria quickly between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Drinking from a bottle means bacteria from the baby’s mouth gets into the formula in the bottle, where the bacteria can start growing. With your baby’s young age and developing immune system, your little one could become sick from food poisoning
  • saliva interacts with the milk through the bottle nipple. Saliva breaks down the nutrients in things, that’s why it’s in our mouth. The problem is, it will also break down the nutrients in your formula bottle before your baby can drink all of it.

If your baby is staying with a caregiver for a long period of time, you may want to prepare just one or two bottles and leave instructions and supplies (bottles, nipples, formula, and water, if necessary) so the caregiver can prepare bottles as needed and not waste any formula. After all, you’ll need to throw away any mixed formula that is not used after 24 hours.

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