why Masks should not be worn by infants

According to the CDC, it is safe for children to wear a face mask if they are over 2 years old. Aside from the risk for suffocation, young children aren’t capable of adjusting masks or removing them if they start to have difficulty breathing.
In addition, children with health issues that would make breathing harder with a face covering should not wear a mask. Examples of such conditions include illnesses that cause neurological or muscular weakness and developmental and emotional conditions that make wearing a mask overly stressful.

So, how can you protect infants in public places

When you go out with your child, stick with the six-feet rule around others.
If you’re going to meet family or friends, politely request that if someone is sick, they stay home to avoid getting others sick.
And for an added layer of safety, make sure that anyone who is old enough to wear a mask wears one when they’re around your child.

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