how to avoid over medication

When you’re overmedicated, you’re receiving more medications or greater amounts of one medication than you need for your health. 

Too much medication can simply be a waste of your money, but it can also cause serious and deadly health complications.

As a consumer, you can advocate for yourself and try to prevent over medication.  

  • Keep all of your doctors and health care providers informed of all medication you are taking including over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements, prescription drugs or even illegal narcotics
  • Ask your provider for a comprehensive medication review to make sure you still need or should still be taking the medications you are and to make sure you’re using your medications correctly
  • Stay organized by making a list of all your medications, when and how to take them, and dosage amounts Take this list with you when you go to the provider’s office or pharmacy
  • Don’t just take any and every medication your doctor or health care provider suggests without first doing some research about its purpose and its potential side effects, interactions or complications
  • Report any and all side effects even if they seem unrelated or unimportant.
  • Educate yourself about drug dependence and addiction and look for signs and symptoms so you can take quick action if needed
  • If you don’t feel like you think you should; physically or mentally, talk to a health care provider about what you are taking before asking about other medications you can add.

Communication is key to preventing or addressing overmedication. As mentioned above, make sure both your health care provider and pharmacist know exactly what you’re taking, how much, and when.

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