re-top up tuesday

drnurse07…………. presents 🔝 🆙 Tuesday Every Tuesday, …………. 5 accounts will be randomly selected and topped up regardless of your network or location ( for Nigerians only) We are doing this as our way to support and encourage the youths especially at this time.

All you have to do is :

– Be a youth

– Be based in Nigeria

– Comment on the #topuptuesday post ; your phone number (network)

– tag your friends, comment & share

N/B: going forward, I will stick to the rule of picking 5 random numbers (the more entries you make, the better).

Like I mentioned, I topped up all 25 entries cos I’m in a super good mood tonight. Also, as a thank you to God for a successful procedure.

But hey! You never know! Have a healthful weekend

13 thoughts on “re-top up tuesday

  1. Thank God you are feeling much better now.

    I received mine thank you Nurse. May God continue to bless you real good for your generosity to humanity. We’ll continue to pray for your total healing♥️

    Biafra is our home. Stay Safe🙏

    1. Thanks so much ma’am….
      I received mine
      God bless u… Wishing u a quick recovery

  2. I received my thanks so much for the wonderful love you show to us. May God continue to keep you safe and bless your finance.

  3. Thanks so much beautiful angel. I recieved mine! At a most needed time too! My God will heal you and restore your strength in Jesus name! Have a rewarding and refreshing weekend!

      1. I’ve received my thanks for your generosity may God continue blessing you

  4. Ohh my God, dearest of all thank you so so plenty ma’am, I came back from the on going protest last night feeling pain & tiredness. I got up to see your wonderful & miraculous gift. May your pocket never run dry ma, am getting jealous of you all the time when you give out, I wish some day I will be in the position to give back too. If you are a young youth out there, & have not been to the protests ground pls find your way, to any of the locations & make history.

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