Re 🔝 🆙 Tuesday

It was brought to my attention that you’ll don’t follow the rules.

Please, pay attention to the last line:

• tag your friends, comment & share

You should tag someone, share the post before you comment your number.

I’ll make an exception this week. However, it will be highly enforced from next week.

@Samuel Chukwuka
@Ezenwa Innocent
@Dara McDonald

12 thoughts on “Re 🔝 🆙 Tuesday

  1. Congratulations to the lucky winners and thanks for your magnanimity precious Angel of life!💕💓💕

  2. Hahaha, okay ma thank you very much and happy to know that. Congrats to the lucky ones today.

  3. Congratulations to the lucky ones.
    God bless you always beautiful.

    But i don’t know how to tag others via this platform, only in Instagram or Facebook.

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