Vaccination and health screen: 1 month old

Hep B vaccine protects against hepatitis B 

Your baby should get Hep B shot because to:

  • Protect your child from against hepatitis B, a potentially serious disease.
  • Protect other people from the disease because children with hepatitis B usually don’t have symptoms, but they may pass the disease to others without anyone knowing they were infected.
  • Prevent your child from developing liver disease and cancer from hepatitis B.
  • Keep your child from missing school or child care and you from missing work.

12 thoughts on “Vaccination and health screen: 1 month old

  1. Thank you for the information nurse… But we don’t have vaccines for hep B in Nigeria and parent aren’t informed about this vaccines in Nigerian hospitals

  2. Good morning ma
    Is there any specified injection that doctors can inject the babies to prevent them from contacting the decease

  3. Thanks for this information ma’am. You’re indeed a blessing to us.

    I learnt that Hepatitis is even more serious than HIV

  4. Great info! Reaching out to all my pregnant or about to get pregnant aquaintances. Thanks again. Loving you more and more!💕💓💕

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