top question: Hepatitis B


It can be spread through frequent contact of non-intact skin or mucous membranes with blood-containing secretions and saliva. 

Therefore, it could be spread through bites and scratches that result in broken skin.

NB: Thanks to Ikechukwu Alex for this question. Keep them coming.

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  1. Worldwide, the most common route of transmission of hepatitis B is mother to child during birth (vertical transmission) as well as through horizontal early childhood.

  2. a very good question…mood of transmittance of hepatitis (not only among children alone), their is a generally need to educate the general public continually and encourage people to go for the test…a research on hepatitis carried out in a university community in a part of Nigeria…the research showed many tested positive and this are majorly people who know not their status before the research…and some of this people work in food vendors and other places within the university environment where they mingle freely not taking this mode of transmission to consideration

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