vaccination and health screen: 18 months

I get questions on why vaccines are given to children on a schedule. The answer is that are given on a schedule to protect your child from vaccine-preventable disease. 

Experts designed the schedule so that your children get protection when they need it and the doses are timed so the vaccine itself can have the best effect.

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  1. Again and as usual you continue to equip us with valuable knowledge that helps our babies and younger ones live more healthy and fullfilling lives.. I say thank you again. My little question is this: what happens to the child if the schedule for Vaccination is skipped for some unforseen reason. Could it be life threatening? And if it could what can be done to cushion or neutralize the negative effects of a skipped schedule. Plenty love to you darling Angel of life!💕

  2. Thank you ma’am for the update!!!

    I will pass the information; so that nursing mothers can get the DTaP when due.

    Stay Safe 🙏

  3. Thank you for the information. I make sure that all my children get vaccinated. It helps a lot in disease prevention

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