RE-Top UP tuesday

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  1. You are just so precious to me and inspire me more and more to also give what I can give or do to make the world a better place. I ve never met you but I feel so emotional about you like you are my blood Sister. Not just because you give but the passion and unconditionality with which you do it. I love you. THANK YOU💕

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

    Good day ma. Sorry for disturbing you, I need a medical advice from you ma.

    Last year December, I noticed that after drinking alcohol (spirit), I usually experience a kind of burning sensation at the down part of my chest. I went to a nearby chemist and explained to the woman, so she gave a searched medicine named MUPOSAN powder, which I mixed with water and drank it for some says. Ever since then, I stopped taking alcohol (sprits), but recently(last week) I started feeling that burning sensation under my chest and I have drank that mopusan powder like three times, but I still feel the same.

    What could be the cause? .
    Which medicine should I take for it to stop?


  3. Congratulations to the winners.

    God bless you always and abundantly ma. You’ve been a huge blessing and source of learning to us in medical issues and healthwise.
    May your knowledge never run dry.

  4. Though I didn’t win but I am very happy for the lucky winners. Ma, I want to thank you once again for your good work to humility. You have impacted so much on us with the health tips. I follow a lot of Nigeria celebrities and trust me they aren’t doing half of what you are doing. I’m privileged to have known you, I can boldly beat my chest and say I am proud of you. Keep doing your good work to humility and promise to always share them. I told all my friends about you not for the giveaway but for the daily, weekly health tips. May the Almighty God replenish you, bless you, guide and protect you for us Amen. Once again congratulations to the lucky winners.

    We Love you ma♥️

    Stay Safe ma🙏

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