Amblyopia, also called lazy eye, is when vision in one or both eyes does not develop properly during childhood. It is sometimes called lazy eye. 

Amblyopia is a common problem in babies and young children.

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  1. Thank you for the information. God bless you. I will always invite more people to your page because it is so educative

    1. You can’t prevent it but It is important to diagnose and treat amblyopia as early as possible. Otherwise, a child with amblyopia will not develop normal, healthy vision. That’s why you should screen for it at 3 years old

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    Please this ambliopia is it what we commonly refer to as “quarter past 4 eyes” (anya 4.30)?

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    Thanks for the information once more. You are doing a great work. May God continue to bless you ma.


  4. Actually am just knowing this for the first time and thank you ma, for bringing our attention to this issues. I thought that all the Vaccines you mentioned or have teach about from one month to almost 12 months covers and protects the child entire stages of growth. So why is Amblyopia poping out again despite all the Vaccines. Or Anti – natals Attended by the mother.

  5. Good evening ma’am, thank you so much for sharing with us this wonderful information.

    Ma, I have been privileged to read Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) before now. In my research I discovered that, symptoms of amblyopia (lazy eye) can be hard to notice. In many cases, parents don’t know their child has amblyopia.

    So my questions are;

    1; What are the causes of Amblyopia?

    2) What are the Symptoms of Amblyopia?

    3; Can the affected eye be restored to normal?

  6. Educative site, you have actually help many know new things and further search… making this profession Angelic n so lovable…got more insight from the link you shared haven read true previous comments thank you..before now even still out dere..”Amblyopia” and Strabismus these terms are misused interchangeably or mistaken one for the could further explain..

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