Top 🆙 Tuesday

5 accounts will be randomly selected and topped up regardless of your network or location (for Nigerians only)

We are doing this as our way to support and encourage the youths

All you have to do is:

  • Be a youth 
  • Be based in Nigeria
  • tag your friends, comment & share
  • log on to
  • Comment on this #topuptuesday post; your phone number (network)

This Tuesday top up rule: 120th number, 140th number, 160th number, 180th number and 200th number entered.

408 thoughts on “Top 🆙 Tuesday

  1. Good Evening Nurse, Nurse I noticed that most of the recent winners are not following the rules of the giveaway which includes sharing and mentioning people. But I have been sharing, mentioning and commenting but I haven’t won for once. But it’s fine since you are the one that choose them. Thanks for all your good work, i really appreciate.

    1. Good day dear Mr Peter Nwosu, what are you not understanding. The Tuesday top ups are on a fair ground, you comment your number multiple times until it qualifies & reaches the required num. It is not madam nurse, the selects the winners but when any num is corresponding with the given one then you won. Remember this is not a give away oo, but Tuesday top ups of Airtime or data. We have to reach any of the 5 number given out, you can comment as much as 100 times until you land on the asking one. E.g. if they are looking for some one with 59, you will comment on your num until you reach no 59. Even if there are so many people commenting. Keep commenting until you made it to number 59. That’s how it work Bro. And make sure you read & follow up with the instructions very well ok. Meanwhile happy Easter.

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